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          Taylor Swift Needs to Calm Down

          Taylor Swift is a fantastic entertainer. Millions around the world find her music positive and enjoyable. But that doesn’t mean that she has any particular political insight.

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          Truth Matters, but Is Sometimes Lacking on Capitol Hill

          The U.S. House of Representatives Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee on the Environment held a hearing assessing the Trump Administration’s proposed rule to adjust a set of regulations referred to as the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards or MATS rule. Having helped craft this new rule during my former role at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, I was invited to give congressional testimony.

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          Biggest Oscar Loser: The Viewers at Home

          Lectures from the clueless. . .

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          Great Society: A New History

          On this pop-up episode of She Thinks, we talk to author Amity Shlaes about her groundbreaking Great Society: A New History and why the most ambitious and well-meaning government initiative in our history had such catastrophic results.

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          Trump Administration: Make Federal Buildings Beautiful Again

          Kudos to the National Civic Art Society for advocating for beauty in federal buildings.

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          A Strong Jobs Report to End Trump’s Big Week

          NYT: “This is, by many measures, the best environment for workers in years.”

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          Banning Plastic Straws Won't Save the Oceans

          Considering this data, maybe it's time to rethink straw bans and consider better, more realistic solutions instead.

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          Even in the US, Hundreds of Thousands of Girls Are at Risk for Female Genital Mutilation

          Via Washington Examiner

          by Andrea Bottner

          Thursday is Zero Tolerance Day for Female Genital Mutilation. Many may wonder why we need a day like this. We don’t want to think about this kind of horrific practice and assume that it has nothing to do with our country.

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          Democrat Bill Would End Flexible Work, Force Every American Into The Same Old 9-5

          Via The Federalist

          by Carrie L. Lukas

          The biggest costs of the PRO Act won’t be borne by employers and businesses. It will be the workers who have less freedom and flexibility to decide how they want to earn a living.

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          Millions Of People Are Still Slaves Across The World, Including In The United States

          Via The Federalist

          by Christina Villegas and Vicki Alger

          More than three-fourths of all modern slavery victims worldwide are exploited in their countries of residence—this is particularly true of victims of non-sexual forced labor.

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          The Same Sickness That Spread the Coronavirus Threatens to Bring Hong Kong to Ruin: The Chinese Communist Party

          Via The Dallas Morning News

          by Claudia Rosett

          The core problem is that China, for all its high-tech gloss and high-speed trains, remains saddled with a communist-structured political system.

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          Vape Ban - More Losers Than Winners

          Via my Journal Courier

          by Julie Gunlock

          In January, the Food and Drug Administration finalized its policy on flavored cartridge-based e-cigarettes, saying that companies must stop all manufacturing of these particular devices. Flavored e-liquid will still be available for tank-based e-cigarettes.

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          Why Is Hard Work Under Attack From the Left? ? Making Money

          War on Waste: President's Budget Addresses Runaway Spending ? Your World

          74% of Americans Believe They Will Be Better off a Year From Now ? After the Bell


          Rush, Trump’s State of the Union address, the Iowa meltdown, and impeachment ? The Steve Gruber Show ? Listen >>>

          Taiwan Votes for Hong Kong: Democracy in Action Energizes Freedom Supporters ? John Batchelor Show ? Listen >>>


          Medicare For All Sounds So Good But Somebody's Got To Pay

          Via NE News Now

          by Hadley Heath Manning

          It has long been argued that the Medicare for All plan from Sen. Bernie Sanders would destroy health care and cripple the U.S. economy but university researchers insist it would benefit us all.

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          The Tunnel Vision of Philadelphia's Commission On Human Relations

          Via American Thinker

          by Qanta Ahmed

          When a video of Muslim children singing horrifically anti-Semitic songs threatening violence was uploaded to social media, coverage forced the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations (PCHR) to investigate.

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          Everyone Wants Paid Family Leave. No One Wants to Pay Family Leave.

          Via The National Interest

          by Hadley Heath Manning

          Yesterday’s hearing in the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee reviewed “legislative proposals for paid family and medical leave.” Expanding access to paid leave has drawn support across the ideological spectrum.

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